A Cyber Security Framework for Independent Hotels (4th Annual Conference of EATSA – Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association, Dijon & Château Chinon, France, 2018, English)

Cyber security is becoming a mandatory asset for the tourism market. While chain hotels have already started to implement their cyber security strategies, independent hotels are struggling with the complexity of digital security. We do not yet have standard indicators to measure the economic impact of a cyber threat or the return on investment of infrastructure or training; nevertheless, evidence exists that for independent hotels the impact of a cyber-attack could be disastrous. While scholars debate about establishing shared indicators to identify the economic impact of a cyber security breach, companies and governmental agencies are acting with standard countermeasures. Nevertheless, independent hotels need a more specialized approach due to their peculiar nature and organization. Therefore, instead of using general frameworks, we suggest a cyber security paradigm specifically created for the tourism market. Our goals are to simplify the language, clarify the organizational hierarchy, and keep the attack surface as small as possible. In brief, inspired by an Italian Cyber Security Framework for small business enterprises, we propose a prototype of a customized cyber security framework for independent hotels that, we think, will have a direct effect on the protection of the hotels! data and on the safeguards for business and leisure travelers! privacy: two essential pillars for the growth of hotel competitiveness.

Keywords: Cyber Security, Independent Hotels, Framework, Italy

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