Application of philosophy to address present day challenges (Campus Book Festival, Msida, Malta, 2020, English)

Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

The National Book Council has been working closely with the Department of Philosophy on a discussion with Enrico Panai from the University of Sassari, currently at the University of Malta on an Erasmus+ doctoral placement. He is a specialist in the philosophy and ethics of information, was adjunct professor of Digital Humanities at Sassari University, and is a consultant to large companies in the IT sector. His recently published Skip! The Art of Avoiding Projects: An Ecological Way of Living in the Information Age lays the ground for an innovative ecology of making or skipping projects employing a multidisciplinary approach, using scientific discoveries and many examples drawn from everyday life. On Friday, March 27, Francois Zammit will be interviewing Dr Panai on examples of applied contemporary philosophy, particularly everyday challenges in the information age.

Source: The Times of Malta

For those interested in philosophy, two events are not to be missed. On Friday, 26 March at 12 noon, the Department of Philosophy will be presenting an event, moderated by Dr Jean-Paul De Lucca, revisiting philosophy’s plural histories and its forgotten voices, 50 years from the death of Bertrand Russel, the author of the influential A History of Western Philosophy (1945). On the same day, at 3pm, Francois Zammit will engage Enrico Panai in a conversation on the application of philosophy to address present day challenges. Panai is a Human Information Interaction specialist and author of Skip! The Art of Avoiding Projects.

Source: Malta Indipendent

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